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Match Grade Sniper School


Snipers in training We are registering for the next sniper class - June 3-6 and Sept 9-12, 2019. Sign Up Today!

"Having attended Match Grade Sniper School, I found that from the start of curriculum to the end never left for a dull moment. The level of instruction will only better prepare a sniper for any form for employment. Multiple positions to high angle shooting give the "shooter" a greater appreciation for the science that goes into this art form. If you are operating in a urban environment or a upcoming deployment this will only better prepare you and your team."

Sgt H. XXXXXXXXX (US Army Ranger/scout sniper)

"The level of instruction I received during the four-day Sniper Course offerred through Match Grade Sniper School was excellent. The course left me without any doubts or reservations in the level of instruction, the course curriculum or my quickly developed proficiency in the utilization of my weapon system. The training facilities and ranges are very conducive to the the variations of environments a High Ground operator will encounter. I highly recommend this course of instruction for anyone who has ambitions of filling this type of role and am greatly looking forward to the Advanced Sniper Course."

Dave Coleman
Rio Rancho Police Department
D.E.A. T.F.O. / S.W.A.T.