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Q. How do I register for a class?
A. Contact Match Grade Sniper School LLC. Sign the registration and waiver forms. We post the years classes by the end of January.

Q. Can I take the Advanced class if I have attended a Sniper School in the past?
A. Yes, If you have successfully completed an accredited Basic Sniper school then you are eligible to attend the Advanced class.

Q. Can civilians register for a sniper class?
A. Yes, If you possess a Concealed Carry Weapons permit or you pass a background clearance from the local, state or federal jurisdiction then you can attend a sniper course.

Q. What kind of physical demands do I expect?
A. Walking with a weighted pack and rifle for a 10hr day. Moving and shooting from multiple positions thought the day. Be physically prepared for shooting in adverse conditions either, hot or cold.

Q. Where is the range located?
A. Match Grade Sniper School LLC operates out of the Del Norte Shooting Gun Club in Rio Rancho, NM (Sandoval County). The club is northwest of Albuquerque, approximately 40 miles north from the Albuquerque International airport. We also have various BLM and private land we train on.

Q. Am I restricted to using a bolt gun?
A. No, We recommend a precision 7.62 bolt gun, but a high quality tactical gas rifle (Noveske, LaRue OBR, Fulton-Armory Titan, DPMS SASS, GA Precision, POF, LWRC) will be acceptable.

Q. Do you provide a cleaning gear?
A. No, all students need to bring all the necessary cleaning equipment including solvents, rods, brushes, torque & bolt tools etc. If you do not have torque tools they will be available at the school.

Q. Are meals provided?
A. No, Students need to bring food and water to support you throught out a 10 hr day.

Q. What time does training start?
A. We will start at 08:30am sharp! Please be ready to go.

Q. What type of certification do you provide?
A. Upon successful completion of course to include qualifying, students will be given POST certification certificates.