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  1. Must have a quality tactical rifle that is capable of shooting 1 MOA. The rifle needs to have a quality sling and preferably a bipod.
  2. Must have quality rings and bases: Leupold MK-4 rings & bases (either one piece or two piece is acceptable) or Badger Ordnance rings and bases. Larue mounts are highly recommended.
  3. Must have a quality tactical scope. Recommended reticles TMR, Mildot, Horus. No duplex reticles! Leupold MK-4 series, Nightforce, Ziess, US Optics or Schmidt & Bender are acceptable. Adjustable target turrets mandatory.
  4. DO NOT show up with dovetail scope rings. Experience has shown that they just don't hold up under adverse shooting conditions and that the shooter will eventually lose his zero before the course is over, hindering the shooter and causing frustrations for the staff.
  5. Must have a reloadable magazine pouch (eg. Blackhawk) for the stock. SPR's are excluded.
  6. 500 rounds of match ammunition per course. Federal Gold Medal Match 308 168gr/175Gr or Black Hills, or Hornady ammunition works great. We recommend 77gr MK262 MOD 1 for the .223 using a 1:7/ 1:8 twist.
  7. A quality shooting mat.
  8. Binoculars or a spotting scope, Kestrel 4500NV with Horus or Applied ballistics(recommended).
  9. Sandbag.
  10. A quality backpack for hauling gear around.
  11. Eye & ear protection.
  12. A boonie hat or brimmed hat.
  13. Calculator.
  14. Dope book highly recommended.
  15. BDU's or appropriate clothing.
Rifle rental: $125 rifle rental per course.